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Marten en Oopjen 'The Experience'

The Netherlands and France paid together E 160.000.000 for the two weddingpaintings of Marten and Oopjen, painted by Rembrandt. In the commercial made by the Rijksmuseum Marten and Oopjen were called the Kim Kardashian and Kayne West of the 17th century. They were the Golden Age! From now on, you can experience yourself what it is to be rich and famous for only E 125,-.

What are you going to experience?

To start with, we will welcome you with a little drink in our photostudio. After that, we close our curtains for a short while, because the costumes you will wear are different than all our other costumes. They have a lot of details, so it is really 'being dressed'. In our photostudio we take your potraitphoto (mediumshot), which you can take home in a golden frame after the experience. After this, we walk to Dam square where you will experience what it is to be seen and being photgraphed in public. You can be sure that we are not the only one with a camera. Within twelve hours we will send you the best photo's of our Dam-session. You can choose your favorite and we will produce for you an enlargement in a golden frame, which you can pick up in our shop two days later.

You can book Marten and Oopjen 'The Experience' on Sundays before 13.00 p.m. The experience will take about an hour and a half.

The photoshoot is very appropriate for wedingcouples (or as a wedding gift).

Costume sizes are: M/L. For Martens costume you will have to bring your own black shoes. 

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